Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Tips form Yulelah

I can`t stress this enough, when your out Metal Detecting Keep your eyes peel you never know what you may see laying right on top of the ground. Be looking for thing that are out of place such as shapes, colores. How many times have you been to wal-mart and got out of your truck or car and found a penny laying on the payment. Good example being My brother Joe found to silver dimes the very same way at a construction site. Remember it about mental state of mind if you go out say i going to find something good today you will.

Let try ( Tactics ) for Metal Detecting

Let say you swinging your coil along and  you get a signal that sound half way good well stop for a moment and think how much time do i have to hunt today  and if the answer is plenty then go ahead dig that signal. If you have very little time and you can remember where the signal is the by all meant come back another day. I personally have dug signal that didn`t not sound all good at first until i got down a little and the signal got better. You might try changes in to difference mode setting. Every detector is different so know you machine.

Cleaning silver

This is if you really won`t your coins and jewelry to shine ! Here what you do, take some baking soda  and water until there a paste and then put some on your coins and jewelry, it your decision if you won`t to rubb or not. I wouldn`t do this if it a key date coin, it would surely lower the value of the coin. I myself i am going to try it on some of my coins and i have seen from other that it does work.           This tip is from 219erman.

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