Friday, June 25, 2010

Tip for filling in your hole after you recover your target.

When you put your plug back in the hole and step on it with your foot is good , but also use your digger and make hole in the top of the plug so moisture can get in. If you don`t do this all the moisture will be around the outside of the plug, creating an island and the grass will look yelllow in color from being dead.


Anonymous said...

what is your new detector going to be and when will we see you try it out on video?

TreasureFiend said...

Great advise buddy, nothing will get you shut down faster on your return hunt than dead patches in a lawn, weather it be in a frontyard or in a park.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill, I would not have thought of making a hole in the center of the plug for water to enter there. but if it rains enough, it may not matter.

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