Friday, June 25, 2010

Tip for filling in your hole after you recover your target.

When you put your plug back in the hole and step on it with your foot is good , but also use your digger and make hole in the top of the plug so moisture can get in. If you don`t do this all the moisture will be around the outside of the plug, creating an island and the grass will look yelllow in color from being dead.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Here a few tips for finding more sites to hunt.

Newpaper articles, Magazine,such local history (example ) of one of these is southwest Arkansas is a publication by-weekly Call the old time chronicle and it feature old pictures, old timers tell stories, Articles about old schools and old homes, well you get the general ideal. Poat cards are a good source.How about your local historian, every town has a elder or older person that try to perserve town history and most towns have historical club. Check out your town Chamber of Commerce. Every week their is usally a senior cizien day or get together. This would be an excellent place to do research. Well this is a little off the beaten path, but you could check out the older folks in a nursing home or retirement center. These folks alway welcome visitors. What about your local Metal Detecting club. Check with the Mayor in your town about cities owned vacant lot.How about even putting an ad or ads in your local paper and letting people know what you do and tell them if they lose a item of value to contact you and you will find this for them if you can and tell them no charge just as long if they don`t care you would like to hunt there yard and that would be pay enough.There a place in Oaklahoma, that is the headquarters for carnivals. i will try and find a web address for you and list it on my blog later.

Metal Detecting tips for hunting yards.

First thing you need to hunt the walk that go up to the front porch, hunt on both sides . Something that is most of the time over look is hunting in the back yard one area for sure is where the clothes line was. Years ago people didn`t have washer and dryers so when they dry their clothes was outside on a clothes line. These are easy to reconize by the big iron pipe coming up out of the ground and at the top it look like a big iron T. My Mom had a clothes lines year ago and my grandparents did too. Most clothes lines were in the back yard. If you think a yard is hunted out,but you still want to hunt it. Check on the outer edges of the property. Check around the base of big trees, Was there a trail leading to a outhouse or other building. Also year ago folks would mail letter straight from the mailbox. Checkout the trail that lead from the house to the mailbox. What about a little trail that lead from the porch to the Garage. Check the shady area of the yard where kids played, Maybe a low spot.This little tip is for older hobbist do you remember the cast iron wash pot. My Grandmother had some. They would rinse the clothes out in them.check where these may have been if your hunting on family owned property.